Mokaflor Caffe

Continuity: The path to experience

The concept behind the Florentine Coffee shop that works with the world

Continuity in its direction: the Mokaflor coffee shop is a company that has been handed down from father to son; a choice of continuity toward an ever-greater familiarity and experience with the coffee product, an added value for a kind of work that still uses the human eye (in picking the exact shade of colour of the roasted coffee) and the sense of taste (in evaluating the green coffee lots) as fundamental elements of the jobMokaflor Caffe

Visit a coffee shop, Florence, an unforgetable experience

Continuity in its roots: Tuscany, where beauty, taste and culture are a part of us. Florence, a pause for wonder, an experience for all those who come to follow a Mokaflor course (click here for more information about courses at the Espresso Academy), and even for those who just come to visit the coffee shop (contact us for a guided tour).

Coffee in Florence, from around the world

Continuity in its journey: the green coffee lots arrive in Florence from all over the world; Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, Java, Jamaica, Porto Rico, Hawaii and many others. A direct relationship with the manufacturers; the company stipulates multi-year contracts with the same coffee manufacturers: the best lots and the highest quality. Coffee is a living product, and this is why Mokaflor roasts and tastes a sample of beans from every sack of coffee that arrives. For top quality in every cup.

Technology, tradition looks to the future

Continuity in its technological choices: Mokaflor has always put flexibility at the centre of its operating system. Numerous packaging lines, with machines that can produce from 100 to 400 packets from 250gr to 3kg of ground or powdered coffee per hour. The vacuum packaging with aluminium tear opening guarantees all the aroma and freshness are kept intact.

Fair trade coffee

Continuity in its ethics: Mokaflor is a modern company that is well-integrated in market dynamics, but at Mokaflor we believe that profit cannot be the only dynamic, the dominant dynamic. As a result of this awareness we have created an ECUO coffee blend, produced and marketed according to the FLO “Fair Trade” principals and certification.

The world of Bio

Continuity in its respect: Mokaflor is certified QC & I, and its organic coffee brands are produced in plantations that answer in full respect to the ethical parameters of the environment: protection against harmful insects is carried out by means of complementary insects, substances of mineral, vegetal origin and the use of resistant plants; soil fertility is maintained and strengthened with natural manure and correct agronomic methods

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