Roasted in Italy in the Neapolitan tradition, Kimbo is a top 3 Italian roaster (along with Illy & Lavazza) known and loved by Italians, which delivers a distinct full-bodied taste. The Kimbo journey is a journey that starts in the plantations of the producer countries to select the best varieties of coffee and ends in Naples at the Caffè Kimbo plant where, with the use of cutting edge technology, the selected varieties are roasted following the old Neapolitan tradition and expertly blended.

Here the sweet flavour of Brazilian coffees meets with the delicacy of Colombian coffees, the spicy fragrance of Indian coffees, the full body of African Robusta or the marked acidity of the coffees from Costa Rica and Guatemala. These are the flavors and aromas researched by Caffè Kimbo to offer its consumers much more than simple coffee.

Kimbo coffee is one of the highest quality coffee you can buy, matched along side the Illy quality grade, this is one of our favorite coffees and more than worth the extra penny or two per cup.

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